May, 2013

Fujitsu PalmSecure for Authentication and Health

Year: 2013
Expertise: Microelectronics, Digital Image Processing
Outcome: Product Prototype, Implementation Report
Award1st winner of Fujitsu Innovation Challenge 2013; Invited to Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Tokyo, Japan; Presented to Fujitsu Japan RnD team

Attendance Record System with Integrated Body Health Information Based on Qualitative Measurement of Deoxygenated Hemoglobin Using Near-Infrared Technology on Fujitsu PalmSecure™ Biometrics Device.

Bagus Hanindhito1, Cindy Agustina2, Wisnu Wijayanto3
Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Email : 1hanindhito@bagus.my.id, 2cindy.agustina13@yahoo.co.id, 3wisnu.wijayanto.itb@gmail.com

Abstract—Secured authentication method can be done using human body information called biometrics authentication. Palm vein pattern can be used as unique information in biometrics-based authentication. This method of biometrics authentication has been developed by Fujitsu in their PalmSecure™ Biometrics Device. To reveal palm vein pattern, Fujitsu uses near-infrared imaging. This method has been proven to have high accuracy, high reliability, and high level of security because palm vein pattern cannot be duplicated since it is internal part of human body. This method can be applied as authentication in attendance record system such as in office and in school.

In other hand, hemoglobin has unique characteristics under near-infrared spectroscopy and imaging, allowing us to measure its concentration using digital image processing. Both palm vein pattern authentication and hemoglobin measurement use nearly identical method—near-infrared technology. Taking the advantage from this fact, we want to integrate attendance record system with qualitative hemoglobin measurement to give attendants an overview about their body health. It will be very useful to be implemented in busy area such as office and school because most people don’t care about their body health. Moreover, system can give suggestion to attendant how to improve their body health.

This paper explain our investigation on how far we can integrate those two functions—palm vein pattern authentication and hemoglobin measurement—using PalmSecure™ Biometrics Device and its Software Development Kit (SDK) to build attendance record system. Last but not least, we hope our paper can trigger new innovation to create more advance system integration between authentication system and body health measurement.

Index Terms— Authentication, Fujitsu PalmSecure, Hemoglobin, Near-Infrared.

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Cindy is Presenting Our Innovation

1st Winner of Fujitsu Innovation Challenge 2013

Bagus, Wisnu, Cindy at Soekarno-Hatta International prior to departure to Japan

Cindy, Wisnu, Bagus at The Prince Park Tower Tokyo

Fujitsu Trusted Cloud Square Tokyo Japan

Fujitsu Forum 2013 Tokyo Japan – Venue

Fujitsu Forum 2013 Tokyo Japan – Presentation Session

Prototype Banner of PalmSecure Innovation

Publication on Inspirasi Insinyur Magazine (Engineer Inspiration Magazine Indonesia)


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