March, 2015

Theremin using CORDIC as Tone Generator in FPGA

Year: 2015
Expertise: VLSI Design
Outcome: Synthesizable VHDL, Functional and Timing Simulation Report, FPGA Implementation.
Award1st Winner in The 18th LSI Design Contest 2015 in Okinawa, Japan; Received SiS Award from Smart Info-media Systems; Paper published in IEEEXplore;

Ultrasonic Sensor Based Contactless Theremin using Pipeline CORDIC as Tone Generator in Field Programmable Grid Array

Bagus Hanindhito1, Nur Ahmadi2, Hafez Hogantara3, Annisa Istiqomah Arrahmah4, Trio Adiono5
Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Email : 1hanindhito@bagus.my.id, 2nur.el.ahmadi@gmail.com, 3hafez.hogantara@students.itb.ac.id, 4annisa.istiqomah@students.itb.ac.id, 5tadiono@stei.itb.ac.id

Abstract—Theremin is an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the performer. It has two antennas to control pitch and volume. By replacing the antennas with the ultrasonic sensor, a new, redefined theremin is implemented. The ultrasonic sensor will control the tone generator which is implemented in FPGA Altera Cyclone II EP2C35F672C6 on Altera DE2-70 board. The tone generator is implemented by using a pipelined CORDIC circuit. CORDIC, which stands for Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer, is a digital circuit that can be used to compute several common mathematical transcendental function with only basic hardware requirements.

In this case, CORDIC circuit will be used to generate sine wave as a tone in specific frequency and volume. The CORDIC circuit is implemented in an iterative structure for the first time to carry out all of the optimization needed to achieve higher performance, less area consumption, and higher precision. The next step to increase the throughput, the CORDIC circuit is modified into pipeline structure at an expense of some area consumption.  

Index Terms— FPGA, Pipeline CORDIC circuit, Theremin, Tone Generator, Ultrasonic Sensor

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Theremin High Level Diagram

CORDIC as Tone Generator in Simulation and in Osciloscope Observation

Indonesia Delegation for The 18th LSI Design Contest prior to departure to Japan

Presenting the Research Project in front of Committee

SiS Award was given to the 1st Winner of the contest

1st Winner of The LSI Design Contest in Okinawa, Japan


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