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The 2nd version of my personal website. The website was archived in archive.org which captured the website on March 2008, one year before Yahoo! shutdown its Geocities service.

The 2nd version of my personal website. The website was archived in archive.org which captured the website on March 2008, one year before Yahoo! shutdown its Geocities service.

©2014 Bagus Hanindhito

This site is the only official personal site for Bagus Hanindhito. It contains the short biography of me, some of my portfolios, my life milestones, and some of my hobby that I wish to share with you in the hope that they can inspire and useful for you. I promise to update this website with a new article frequently to tell you about my experience as my life is still going on. Currently, this site is only available in English because my target audience is for all people around the world.

Since I was 13 years old, I realized that I needed to create my identity in a virtual world called the internet. At that time, the internet was starting to be booming in Indonesia. My first internet connection was 56kbps dial-up via phone line which was very slow, but at that time most of the website were delivering relatively small size of contents to the clients. I am pretty much surprised on how the internet growth for the past couple of years. Today’s internet is decorated by a lot of feature-rich multimedia contents that require faster and faster internet speed to enjoy them.

I created my first personal website in 2005 using a free hosting and domain provided by Yahoo! Geocities which had been terminated several years ago. The site was based on static HTML that was created using Microsoft® FrontPage. I only had 15 MB of space on that hosting, and I had to compress the image as small as possible to make page loading faster and to save storage space. In 2006, my website was updated to the second version after Microsoft release new version of Microsoft® FrontPage. Unfortunately, I was forced to move my website somewhere else as Yahoo! terminated its Geocities service in 2009.

Two years later, the third version of my website was constructed on other, free web hosting provider which provided up to 1GB of disk storage. I also used a free domain name. The site was built using Adobe® Dreamweaver with Adobe® Photoshop for editing the user interface. That was also my first time to learn CSS, Javascript, and AJAX. Unfortunately, because I used the free web hosting, my website was sometimes got deleted due to its inactivity. Moreover, the free domain that I had used was blocked by some ISP because a lot of users abused that free TLD. I also owned free blog at Blogspot just for learning CSS and Javascript.

Then, I thought that it was the right time for me to move to paid hosting and paid domain names. In 2012, I acquired bagus.my.id for my domain with very great effort. Then, at the middle of 2014, I started to subscribe to paid hosting. In 2016 I started to build my personal website using WordPress as its CMS and I promised to update it frequently. The website that you are currently accessing is the fourth version of my personal website. I hope you enjoy it.

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About Domain and Server

Proud to use INDONESIA Domain

Proud to use INDONESIA Domain

©1945 Republic of Indonesia

I am proud to announce that my website is using .id domain which is TLD for Indonesia. Obtaining bagus.my.id was not easy since a lot of people in Indonesia has a name of bagus (bagus means good in Indonesian). On November 12, 2012, I was able to acquire bagus.my.id, just one week before my birthday party, after completing administration required by Pandi for acquiring any .id domain. My website is currently being hosted in Biznet data center after I have decided to host my website in Indonesia although several services (i.e. CloudFlare, Google Apps) are still being hosted outside Indonesia.

About Bagus’ Official Logo

Bagus' Official Logo

Bagus’ Official Logo

©2008 Baharuddin Aziz

This is the official logo for me. It was designed by my friend, Baharuddin Aziz, and launched together with my third version of personal website in 2008.

  • The structure is borrowed from leaf bones. I believe that leaf gives a plant and tree spirit of life with the help of sun’s energy. I hope that I can give a better life for others with my passion.
  • The green color is the primary color and it symbolizes nature. We have to live in harmony with nature with every progression that we take.
  • The outline is consists of three gradation of color which mean life progression and transition, from violet-red which means spirit for fighting, blue which means peace and hope, and yellow which means prosperity.
  • The open bottom means open-minded with the ability to filter any information flow that might be bad for me.
  • There are three pins pointing to some directions: top means that I have to exceed everyone expectation; right means that I have to move forward in the right direction with my innovation and creativity; inside that I have always look inside myself.

About Bagus’ Gravatar

Bagus' Official Logo

Bagus’ Official Gravatar

©1996 Shogakukan Inc.

From 2006 until now, my gravatar is Retsu Seiba (星馬 烈 Seiba Retsu). I haven’t decided the successor yet. The gravatar is one character in a Japanese anime film called Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!!. Retsu was my favorite anime character when I was a child. He shares similar characteristic with me. In fact, his primary color is red which I like. I have been using this gravatar throughout my social media when I feel that it is not important to attach my photograph on them.

No copyright infringement nor commercial purpose intended. I am using it just because I am a big fan of Retsu.