my name is Bagus Hanindhito and this is my ID

  • Bagus Hanindhito at ATLAS Pixel Lab, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

    The Exciting Experience as Summer Student at CERN -- Geneva, Switzerland

    I was joining the biggest research to discover the secret of nature in an extraordinary place called CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and with the breathtaking life event called CERN Summer Student Program 2014.

  • Bagus Hanindhito at CodeBali 2015

    2nd Winner of Capture The Flag at Code Bali 2015 -- Bali, Indonesia

Bagus Hanindhito /bɑːɡuːs ˈhɑːˈnɪŋ.ˈdɪt̬.o/

n., an electrical engineer who graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia in 2015 obtaining B.Sc. degree. 2 a computer system architecture and VLSI enthusiast. 3 an amateur photographer. an electronics DIY hardware hobbyist.

v., integrated circuit physical design engineer at Marvell Semiconductor. 2 former summer student at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Geneva, Switzerland. 3 former computer system laboratory coordinator at Department of Electrical Engineering – Institut Teknologi Bandung. 4 freelance in small scale IT systems.

adj.1 persistent perfection. highly-motivated with curiosity-driven to learn something new. 3 open-minded to hear others. 4 adaptable to a new environment.

adv., never give up without the best fight. great (computing) power comes great responsibility.

interj., create new computer architecture to accelerate computation power beyond Moore’s law. powerful computer can open new windows to discover new advancement and shed light on the unknown for human beings.

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