May, 2014

AVR-based Low-Cost Smart Home Controller

Year: 2014
Expertise: Embedded System, Control System, Instrumentation System.
Outcome: Product Prototype (Hardware and Software), Implementation Report.

Low-Cost Smart Home Controller over Internet using AVR-based Microcontroller.

Bagus Hanindhito1, Muhammad Surya Nugraha2, Zahrotul Aisyah Ulfah3
Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia
Email : 1hanindhito@bagus.my.id, 2uyagitulooh@gmail.com, 3zahrotul.aisyah@gmail.com

Abstract—Nowadays, internet is not just connecting people with people around the globe, it also connects people with their devices or even device with other devices. The so-called smart devices which have embedded sensors, actuators, and communication system can be used for various usage even they are in hundreds of miles away. They are also referred as Internet of Things (IoT), with which people can monitor and control everything from distant as long as network infrastructure is available. A smart home is one example of the advantages of IoT.

In this project, a low-cost smart home controller will be implemented using AVR-based Microcontroller. The controller will be able to monitor and control many electrical appliances at home. It also has several sensors which can also be expanded for more functionality. The sensors can be used to monitor temperature, light intensity, water level in water tower, and humidity so that users can adjust their home condition accordingly. The controller communicates with the internet using home server (i.e. personal computer). It also features expandable fail-over communication system over SMS gateway. With this controller, users can turn their home into smart home and they can control and monitor their home even when they are not at home.

Index Terms— AVR, Microcontroller, Smart Home Controller.

Smart Home Main Control Board

Smart Home Main Control Board

Smart Home User Interface

Smart Home User Interface


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